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Should he stay or should he go?

Posted by hakanrylander on November 19, 2008

Carlos Tevez has looked nothing like a £30m player on his few outings this season. United therefore face what might be a tricky decision whether to sign him permanently, a deal that would bring the total cost to around £32m. Yet the answer is obvious. Of course he should stay. For three reasons:

1. Tevez is a class player, he proved that beyond doubt last season with United and the season before that with West Ham. He can also be relied upon to perform in high-pressure games. His performances this season are not a proper reflection of his worth.

2. We need several top class alternatives, both for tactical flexibility and cover for injuries. This makes Tevez very important even if he can’t get into the first XI at the moment. With him in the squad we could cope with a long-term injury to Rooney or Berbatov. Welbeck, Campbell and Manucho are not (yet) in that league.

3. The fee to be considered isn’t £32m, but £22m, since around £10m has already been paid for his services during the first two seasons. Any economists among our readers might recognize this as “sunk cost”. There is no doubt in my mind that his market value is higher than £22m. We could probably sell him for twice that amount to City in January.

There has been some concern that the deal has been delayed, and that this is a sign that United are having second thoughts. In fact, the reason for the “delay” is probably that since United have an option to sign him before a certain date (probably between Jan 1 and June 30 2009) for an already agreed price it makes sense not to close the deal to long before that date. A lot of things could happen in those months such as a serious injury to Tevez or the credit crunch hitting the Glazer family in a bad way.

Still unconvinced? Watch this:

3 Responses to “Should he stay or should he go?”

  1. Tevez is class but 30 million quid could buy someone a lot better. You could probably sign david villa or someone of that quality for 30 mil. United will deal him off to Madrid, mark my words.

  2. hakanrylander said

    One of my points is that United don’t have to decide whether to pay £30m. As I understand it they need to pay “just” £22m to sign him permanently. That makes the decision a lot easier.

  3. […] are a number of good reasons why Tevez should stay. He’s a class player who has greatly contributed to our success in his two seasons at United. […]

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