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“Carrick makes it look easy”

Posted by hakanrylander on November 20, 2008

michael_carrickLast night Michael Carrick finally took centre stage at international level when England defeated Germany in Berlin. I missed the game, but the match reports were a delight to read.

Guardian: “8. Strode around central midfield oozing such class as to suggest he has been a regular on this stage for years. There was vision, assurance in the pass, time on the ball and invention to his game.”

The Times: “8. This was Carrick’s debut under Fabio Capello and his first international appearance since the 2-1 defeat by Germany last year, a record that does not do justice to his talent. Carrick makes it look easy.”

Independent: “Michael Carrick and Gareth Barry in central midfield looked every bit as effective as Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard.”

Telegraph: “Michael Carrick excelled in central midfield. ”

And some more recent praise from The Stretty Rant.

4 Responses to ““Carrick makes it look easy””

  1. But who was Man of the Match?

  2. hakanrylander said

    Guardian gives the highest mark (8) to Carrick, Glen Johnson, Barry, Downing and Agbonlahor. Telegraph gives 8 to Downing and Carrick. The Times gives 8 to Carrick and Downing.

  3. Upson was named at the game…

  4. hakanrylander said

    Again, I didn’t watch the game myself so I couldn’t really argue with you. But according to the four newspapers mentioned above (who I find the most trustworthy in England) Upson didn’t deserve his award. Guardian: “Still occasionally shaky at the back, with his distribution hit and miss.”
    But you can be proud (or sad) that so many past and present WH-stars played; James, Johnson, Upson, Carrick and Defoe. (And Rio and Joe Cole injured!)

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