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Official: Bambi and Kaka on their way

Posted by hakanrylander on January 2, 2009

United has offically confirmed that Zoran Tosic (“Bambi”) and Adem Ljajic (“Little Kaka”) will join the club. Tosic with immediate effect while Ljajic will remain with Partizan Belgrade for the rest of the season. How good news is this?

Serbian “scouts” in general seem to lean towards the view that Ljajic is the important signing and the greater prospect, but since he’s only 17 it’s impossible to know how much of his potential will be fulfilled.

Tosic on the other hand is an established Serbia international with 12 caps already at 21 and should be a useful squad player. Perhaps after a period of adjustment. Remember that it took several months before his compatriot Vidic started to look like a United player. Anyway it’s good to have another winger in the squad as Giggs is now considered a central midfielder and Nani looks ever less likely to challenge Ronaldo and Park for a place in the first XI for important games.


One Response to “Official: Bambi and Kaka on their way”

  1. M said

    i think Adem is so talented and hope see him in Man U soon

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