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I’m absolutely delaeted

Posted by hakanrylander on January 8, 2009

Only a few days ago, after the official announcement of the signings of Tosic and Ljajic, Sir Alex Ferguson said there would be no more signings in January. Then today United suddenly signs 20-year old Belgian defender Ritchie de Laet from Stoke City.

The transfer is all the more puzzling since his record is anything but impressive. In over a year at Stoke he hasn’t once played for the first team. He was loaned to Bournemouth where his greatest achievement apparently was that he took part in a 4-1 friendly defeat against Portsmouth. And he has made three appearances on loan at non-league Wrexham.

The most logical explanation is that while at Royal Antwerp he impressed Warren Joyce who was then manager of Royal Antwerp and is now assistant to reserves coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

I’ve never seen the lad play, or even heard of him. But for the time being I still choose to be delaeted with the signing.

Through sterling work by manunitedyouth you can find a translation of a Belgian interview with de Laet here. Highlight: “I haven’t got a driver’s licence yet, but I won’t be asking him for lessons, that’s for sure.”


4 Responses to “I’m absolutely delaeted”

  1. The Gaffer said

    great signing, no doubt!
    He will play alot for the reserves though!

    the word delaeted should be spelt delighted shoudn’t it?

  2. hakanrylander said

    I was trying to be witty with his name – de Laet-ed, but my feeling is of course one of absolute delight, at least until I’ve seen him in action.

  3. […] Internet gave no indication as to the existence of United target Jack Sampson. And newest recruit Ritchie de Laet is supposed to have spent a year and a half at Stoke City, but hasn’t been seen anywhere near […]

  4. […] by hakanrylander on May 25, 2009 In the past Between the Lines has occasionally poked fun at the signing of Ritchie de Laet, and even questioned his very existence, mainly because his record seemed close to non-existent or […]

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