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Review: Manchester United ruined my wife

Posted by hakanrylander on January 24, 2009

ruinedmywifeYou’ve got to admire the guy. He was present at all three European Cup Finals; 1968 at Wembley, 1999 in Barcelona and 2008 in Moscow. This book covers more than 40 years of his highs and lows as a United supporter.

Blatt has a habit of trying to make a joke in every other sentence, but some of the gags are repetetive or not even funny in the first place. The constant references to the relative merits of sex and football grows tiresome already on the second page. But he gets it right often enough for you to have a lot of fun reading this book, and his “joie de vivre” is impressive even if his French wife occasionally puts him in “la maison du chiene”.

As you would expect the book is often biased (how could it not be!) as when he relates crowd trouble in connection with away games in Europe. In these cases the United choir boys always seem to be the victims of unprovoked attacks from opposing fans and/or the police.

The book confirms that Mr Blatt’s obsession with Manchester United is at a completely different level compared to my own. But I’m not sure that my wife would agree.


5 Responses to “Review: Manchester United ruined my wife”

  1. The Gaffer said

    I’ve read this!
    Great book…

  2. David Blatt said

    Appreciate the comments lads. I accept hakanrylander’s critisisms. I attempt to take the piss out of myself and my obsession, without ever regretting my United dominated lifestyle. Most books written by fans are either reformed nutters or anoraks. I’m neither. Just like thousands of fans I’m totally obsessed by my football team and I wanted to put over the emotions, the highs and lows of following Eric’s Disciples on Earth for the past 50 years.

    I could grow up but it wouldn’t be so much fun.

  3. hakanrylander said

    Cheers, David, and thanks for your comment. As you might have realized part of my criticisms were probably based on envy more than anything else. Apart from the three European finals I would really have loved to be present at the chance meeting with Lou Macari in Brighton. I hope that my initial review made it clear that you were very successful in putting your emotions across.
    I certainly hope to see you again in the future at Between the Lines. Or in Rome, Eric willing.

  4. Pam said

    I bought, and read, the book…..loved it! It made laugh and also brought back memories of my own emotions during those matches. I think I saw more of the back of the sofa than the ’99 final!!

    Write another, David, after we win the CL this year – see you in Rome!;)

  5. Harry Hickey said

    Enjoyed the book, brought back memories of the late seventies and eighties when we were winning the odd cup, beating the scousers but falling short in the league.
    Just one thing, chapter 22, Nigel Benn fought Gerald McClellan and not Oliver McCall but hey, we all make mistakes.

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