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Professor reveals the perfect spot-kick

Posted by hakanrylander on March 13, 2009

With the aid of high definition cameras behind the goals Professor Tim Cable at Liverpool John Moores University has studied all penalties in the CL last season and the PL this season to pinpoint the perfect technique for taking winning spot-kicks.

His findings are, well, less than sensational. To ensure a 100% scoring rate you need to follow these guidelines:

-The ball needs to cross the goal line at exactly 0,5m below the crossbar and 0,5m inside the post.

-The ball needs to be kicked at a speed greater than 65mph.

-This requires a run-up of 5/6 steps.

-The striker needs to commence his run-up from the edge of the 18-yard line with an angle of approach of 20-30 degrees to the ball.

If I understand this correctly, the professor has found that you’re likely to score if you hit the ball hard into the top corner. Which makes sense, I suppose. But I don’t comprehend why he needed high definition cameras to find this out.

But professor Cable certainly has some sound advice for penalty takers looking to improve: practice.

6 Responses to “Professor reveals the perfect spot-kick”

  1. I can tell you never have applied for research grants.
    Without spicing the application with a state of the art (?) technique, no matter how irrelevant, many projects would be without funding.
    Unfortunately this is just one obvious example of a common problem in science.
    In my days we used to throw in that we would study the mRNA expression, even though we were genuinely uninterested in that facet of the study. However, mRNA was the flavour of the day at that time and would convince the grant givers that we were really cutting edge. We would have been without a chance in the competition with other applicants if we had suggested to use only old (trusted !) techniques to answer the questions.

    Are you going to post on the latest debacle?

  2. hakanrylander said

    Yes, I will try to eventually, but I’m still in denial…

  3. The Gaffer said

    Very interesting…

  4. Ulrik Fredrik said

    Haha. I think the last piece of advice would be the most effective Hakan.

  5. manutd08 said

    THats very interesting. Hopefully Ronaldo heard that! LOL

  6. Hmmmm. Could be worth tracking this theory during the next penalty shoot out I see.

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