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"Of all unimportant subjects, football is the most important" – Pope John Paul II

Czar of the Week

Posted by hakanrylander on April 22, 2009

I didn’t have any high hopes that Arsenal would give us a helping hand last night, and from the outset it certainly looked as though it would be Liverpool’s game. They totally dominated the first half and should have been 4-0 up. Instead they were 1-0 down. In the second half the game swung back and forth but Liverpool were still the better team, and I have to admit that they deserved three points. Great performances from Torres, Kuyt and Benayoun (the best I’ve ever seen from him).

But they made the mistake of handing Andrei Arshavin four chances, and he buried them all. Two of his finishes, the second and fourth, were truly world-class. Interestingly enough, even though Arsenal were second to Liverpool in most respects, I thought I saw signs that Wenger is close to building another great side. They played the 4-2-3-1 system that I’m very fond of and which makes good use of the mobile and skilful attacking midfielders Fabregas, Nasri and Arshavin. If they can add a bit of steel in central defence and defensive midfield they will be even more formidable opposition.

All in all a wonderful spectacle where the winners were Manchester United. And football.

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