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"Of all unimportant subjects, football is the most important" – Pope John Paul II

“Je ne veux pas tout analyser”

Posted by hakanrylander on June 3, 2009

Paris_maj_2009_399Yesterday I stumbled upon the latest issue of the French magazine “Psychologies”. It contains a long interview with United legend Eric Cantona. Among other things he describes how he prefers hitting a good pass to scoring a goal and how he misses the “drug” of performing on the football pitch. 

“It’s only with my family, with my friends or when I play that I feel perfectly happy and free.”

He also talks about whether he regrets his kung-fu kick at Selhurst Park,  and explains his famous sardines quote.

Highly recommended.

2 Responses to ““Je ne veux pas tout analyser””

  1. The Gaffer said

    Good interview.
    Anyway here the tranlated version for anyone else who wants to read…

  2. hakanrylander said

    Thanks, Gaffer. The translation, as always with Google, is far from flawless, but it certainly helps.

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