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Mourinho sends in job application to Old Trafford

Posted by hakanrylander on November 14, 2009

Inter manager Jose Mourinho has applied for the possibly soon vacant post as manager of Manchester United. Again he chose not to send his application through the post but through the media.

“I want to build something. I want to work with a different perspective”, said Mourinho.

“I love Inter and would love to build for the future here. In fact, I am doing it now, because I am not a selfish coach and I’m thinking about the future in terms of youth development and the age structure of my first team — but Italy is not the country for this. England is the country. And my football is English football.”

“At Porto my objective was to win to earn the right to go abroad. At Chelsea my ambition was to create a bit of history. But I always knew Chelsea lacked the normal English culture of stability.”

So he wants to return to England to manage a top club with a culture of stability. As Arsene Wenger is likely to stay at Arsenal for many years this leaves only two realistic candidates; Liverpool and United. Both of which might, for different reasons, look for a new manager within a year or two.


6 Responses to “Mourinho sends in job application to Old Trafford”

  1. Erik said

    interesting.. what do you think about the possibility of Mourinho managing the Reds?

    by the by, i found this one to be quite funny, especially the last reply from Mr Bill.

    over and out,

  2. hakanrylander said

    I agreee, Erik. This piece of French-Irish diplomacy is already a minor classic.

    About Mourinho I think it’s quite possible that he will one day manage United. I would at least expect him to be on the short-list when Ferguson retires. Opinion on whether this would be a good thing seems to be split among United fans. Some still dislike him since his Chelsea days. I would welcome him, since he likes players to move between the lines. (see About page)

  3. The Gaffer said

    It would be good to see Jose to succeed Fergie, I for one would be very pleased. His job with Inter is very much under-threat, so when he says he’s interested in coming back to England, but it may be more likely he takes the Man City post. I think he would grab that opportunity with both hands.

  4. Erik said

    i know a certain swedish coach who recently got laid-off!

  5. i think the special one would be perfect for united, as he would hit the ground running…and am quite sure he will be able to keep shitty in check with thier over inflated egos.

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