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"Of all unimportant subjects, football is the most important" – Pope John Paul II

Between the Lines Recommends

Posted by hakanrylander on November 20, 2009

Today I discovered A More Splendid Life which appears to be one of the most splendid footie blogs around. In this article Richard Whittall makes some very interesting points about the bleak future of football journalism and football bloggers.

One Response to “Between the Lines Recommends”

  1. RedJack said

    Just been to todays game and thought i’d post a couple of thoughts

    1) If Wes Brown is fit – play him, he’s a brilliant defender who seems to be maturing and will be a bedrock for a good few years.
    2) Valencia has really improved since I saw him live vs Birmingham. He is more willing to attack and has alot more confidence.
    3) When Obertan came on he did well and given more games should grow into a good player.
    4) Rooney and Owen played well together, Owen’s movement in particular was good in and around the box.
    5) Best till last (which I never thought i’d say) Darren Fletcher – Genius. He was everywhere, making tackles pushing forward. Great goal and then filled in seamlessly at right back.

    Not all good though, Giggs seemed off today and whoever was taking the corners could never clear the first man.

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