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Quote of the Day

Posted by hakanrylander on November 23, 2009

“It was easy, though, to see why United are being prominently linked with Jack Rodwell, who played with a maturity beyond his 18 years. The teenager is two-footed, tall, plays with his head up and always wants the ball. He looks like a United player in the making.”

Daniel Taylor, Guardian.

7 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. he doesn’t seem to be up thr yet and with so many youngsters we already have.. do we really need him..

  2. bobbygee said

    Lets see how the cat performs in the money matches.

  3. RedJack said

    Just finished watching the game,

    Foster was unlucky for the goal but had nothing else to do so hard to judge if he had a good game or not.

    Stand by my previous Wes Brown comment.

    Obertan looks very good and needs a few more games to get settled, would pick him over Nani.

    Owen did next to nothing when he came on and Gibson mau as well have not been on after the first 20 mins.

    On this next point I hope i’m wrong but is Macheda believing the hype of last season and ergo not feeling he needs to do anything?

    Hakan – apologies for posting this again on a ungame related post but can’t help myself.


  4. hakanrylander said

    No worries, RedJack!
    I totally agree with you about Obertan who is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. This is Henry Winter’s take on Obertan’s performance yesterday (from the Telegraph):
    “The Frenchman eats up the ground, certainly loves a step-over when faced with a back-pedalling defender and never neglected his defensive duties, helping out Gary Neville. There is also a confidence to the 20-year-old winger, a refusal to be fazed whatever the stage, however distinguished the company, that bodes well for his future at Old Trafford.”
    Spot on.

  5. The Gaffer said

    Rodwell looks a great player and I would love to see him at Old Trafford.

  6. Rodwell is a good physical talent [Tall and pacy with good shot left or right] who is being groomed for CB position however we dont know how good is positioning will be @ CB.

    As for him being a DM, thats a no no, he fufils his obligation from defensive point-of-view [POV] in the DM position however he plays to many safe sideways pass because he doesnt have vision to play there and doesnt have the technique to manuever the ball in tight space with back to goal.

  7. RedJack said

    Impressive from Valencia yesterday, settling in more and more. Also Carrick seems more confident.

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