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Six conclusions from the weekend

Posted by hakanrylander on November 30, 2009

1. After a comfortable 4-1 victory I suppose only a bona fide whiner could complain about our system. But why the * did we line up in this cautious way? If I’m generous I might call it 4-3-3, but it was perilously close to 4-5-1. Against Portsmouth! It would have been fine if someone from central midfield had moved forward a lot in support of Rooney, but it didn’t happen and you wouldn’t expect so with Carrick, Scholes and Fletcher in those positions. Maybe Ferguson felt a need to contain Pompey’s electrifying passing game. But, frankly, I didn’t see the point.

2. The signing of Antonio Valencia was a master stroke.

3. Thomas Kuszczak was my MotM alongside Valencia. I have to admit I haven’t really seen Kuszczak as a serious contender for the long-term no 1 spot. I thought it was Foster or a new signing. This game changed my perception a little bit. Look at it this way: When Foster got his big opportunity at the beginning of the season he made a dog’s breakfast of it. When Kuszczak got one of his last(?) chances to impress he raised his game to a new level. That’s an important quality for a United keeper, or indeed player.

4. A lot of United fans, maybe even a majority, seem to think that the referee was wrong to award a penalty against Vidic. At first sight that was exactly my impression. But the replay shows without a doubt that Vidic pulled the shirt of the Portsmouth attacker. A clear penalty. (And the ref was right about the other two penalties as well.)

5. I thought Avram Grant looked a tad more cheerful than he used too. But then again, maybe not.

6. Finally, and ominously, Chelsea have the look of champions.


7 Responses to “Six conclusions from the weekend”

  1. RedJack said

    I thought that Chelsea would drop points at Arsenal and next week against city and they will struggle when the african cup of nations comes round but i don’t see it happening.

    Pinning my hopes on them struggling without Essien and Drogba but it would give Ballack, Lampard, Anelka room to shine.

  2. RoM Reads said

    […] Between The Lines looks at the conclusions we can draw from the weekend. […]

  3. name who said

    1.0 : Fratton Park is narrow, providing no real width. So wide players were not required.
    Giggs and Valencia were supposed to support Rooney not the 3 CMs. It was this fluidity that created the second goal.

  4. just wanted to what a fantastic blog you have,keep it up…at this rate u will take on RoM in a very short while.

  5. Chelsea demolition of Arsenal makes me wonder if United would be able to overtake them in the race…

  6. David said

    Chelsea will definitely loose points but it will be against some team we don’t expect. who would have thought Wigan would beat Chelsea?

  7. RedJack said

    David – Are you saying we won’t drop points against lesser teams? Burnley? Liverpool?

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