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The Glazers and the Art of Customer Relations

Posted by hakanrylander on February 9, 2010

As any management consultant will tell you, a key to long term success in business is to keep the customer satisfied. I therefore find it very strange that our owners don’t seem to give a shit about their customers (or fans as some of us still prefer to be called). It simply seems to be in their own interest to try to keep relations at a decent level.

But while the wave of protests against the Glazers have gathered pace in the last few weeks I haven’t noticed a single serious attempt by the owners to improve their relationship with the customers. Just a few, fairly empty, “statements”  from a spokesperson. This is all the more puzzling since the Glazers more than any other owner in the PL regard the club as “just” a business. And companies normally take great care to maintain good relations with their customers.

One possible explanation is that the family do care (if only because the protests might hit their pockets), but are at a loss how to handle the situation. This is unlikely since there are lots of highly qualified consultants for hire if you need help with public relations or crisis management.

Another, more ominous, explanation is that they don’t care about customer relations because they don’t care about the long term. Maybe the strategy is just to milk the cash-flow for a few years (you can find  a brief analysis of their actions so far here) while the present squad keeps us in the CL without much investment in new players. And then sell the club on for a residual value that they, probably quite rightly, expect to be high.

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