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Dog saves United

Posted by hakanrylander on March 8, 2010

In our present debt situation it might be a good idea to learn from history. This interesting article by Scott at RoM reveals how Newton Heath, as the club was then known, was saved by a dog (and John Henry Davies) when it (the club) was close to bankruptcy in 1901. A similar project is presently under consideration by a group of puppies known as The Golden Knights (below).

Preparing to save United?


2 Responses to “Dog saves United”

  1. I think this trend towards bringing in young talent may one day be taken one step too far!
    Now who scouted these prodigies?

  2. RedJack said

    Observations from tonight,

    Although Rooney played well – Park was my man of the match, he was everywhere tonight.

    When Berbatov came on there were the usual fans complaining about him being lazy but I still maintain he is a class act but we need to play him right and currently he needs someone to play off up front

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