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The End of the Berbatov Debate

Posted by hakanrylander on September 20, 2010

Welcome back, Premier League football. This was electrifying! The second half in particular had everything you could ask for in a football game; individual brilliance, good team effort, a lead wasted by poor defending and a Goal of the Season contender as well as a winner by MotM Dimitar Berbatov.

This will surely be the end of the debate that has been ongoing between United fans for the last couple of seasons. Is Dimitar Berbatov a genius or an expensive flop? No one who was present at Old Trafford yesterday can have lingering doubts. Berbatov is the closest we’ve come to another Cantona. I think Manutd24 summed it up perfectly in the headline “I am not a man. I am Berbatov.”

Finally, a reminder.

Premier League Top Scorers:

  • Dimitar Berbatov 6
  • Florent Malouda 6
  • Didier Drogba 5
  • Andy Carroll 4
  • Salomon Kalou 4
  • Theo Walcott 4
  • Darren Bent 3
  • Johan Elmander 3
  • Craig Gardner 3
  • Carlos Tevez 3

4 Responses to “The End of the Berbatov Debate”

  1. The Gaffer said

    Berbatov has been in fantastic form this season and yesterday’s hat-trick may be the start of something special.

    Good thing he didn’t do this during the long period where every journalist was on his back:

  2. WeeWelshman said

    Maybe it is, but lets not get over excited, he’s a fantastic player who is showing some consistency over the last few months.

    If he ends the season on 20 goals or more and we win the League or Champions League because of his goals then we can then start comparing him to the great United players gone.

    But to compare him to Cantona is a joke at the moment, Cantona is one of the true United greats and proved it over a number of years and even pretty much won United the League on his own one season.

    If and it’s a BIG if Berbatov continues this form until the end of the season and does it again next season, then has another important season, then and only then can we start to compare him to the great Cantona!

    Until then he’s a great player with the potential to become a legend…..

    • Hakan said

      Fair point, WeeWelshman. You’re quite right that Berbatov has not had anything like the impact that Cantona had. But I maintain that he’s the closest we’ve come to another Cantona. Not because he’s our best player since Cantona (he’s far behind Ronaldo and Rooney), but because he has that very special style that makes him the player I enjoy watching the most since Cantona.

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