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Dog saves United

Posted by hakanrylander on March 8, 2010

In our present debt situation it might be a good idea to learn from history. This interesting article by Scott at RoM reveals how Newton Heath, as the club was then known, was saved by a dog (and John Henry Davies) when it (the club) was close to bankruptcy in 1901. A similar project is presently under consideration by a group of puppies known as The Golden Knights (below).

Preparing to save United?


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Barking up the right tree

Posted by hakanrylander on April 8, 2009

Honorary member

Honorary member

It seems that everyone and their dog┬átend to regard themselves as football analysts these days. Even bloggers such as yours truly occasionally make cocksure statements like “Porto is the perfect draw” etc etc.

But while “everyone” is telling Fergie and Arsene how to do their jobs, another major analyst sub-group is finally getting organised with the founding of the Association of Canine Match Analysts.

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